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Take your airspace simulations to the next level with expert support

Whatever simulator you are working with (ESCAPE, eDEP or your own version) for whatever purposes (training, operational or research), you may well need assistance at some point during the design, development and implementation stages.

With more than 50 years of experience developing ATM simulations and a talented multi-disciplinary team, EUROCONTROL can provide you with invaluable support to keep your project on track. Either at our premises near Paris or on-site, we can help you from start to finish, or at any stage along the way in line with the E-OCVM:

  • running workshops
  • drafting your validation strategy with relevant cases
  • designing your experimental plan
  • configuring your platform
  • collecting data
  • building traffic samples and airspace
  • analysing the data collected
  • drafting the final report

EUROCONTROL consulting services provide you with expert knowledge of any simulator

Benefit from professional assistance from an experienced team of industry specialists who know our ATM simulators inside out and can also apply this knowledge to any other simulator. At the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre at Brétigny-sur-Orge near Paris, we have extensive facilities ideal for any training or simulations you may require. If you are unable to visit us, we can come directly to you to provide on-site assistance.

Customised assistance at every step

Our experienced teams will help you from the earliest stages – running workshops and drafting your validation strategy – and at any moment during your project, including collecting quantitative and qualitative data to test your performance hypotheses, building traffic samples, analysing your data and drafting the final report.

Use cases

Assessing the future performance of the ATM Network

Every 5 year, The Challenges of Growth study assess long term traffic forecasts (i.e. 2035 or 2040 time horizon) and the means to mitigate the capacity challenge ahead. Future network operations are modelled using RNEST to look at the performance impact in particular...

Implementing User Driven Prioritisation Process (UDPP) at Zurich airport

UDPP (User Driven Prioritisation Process) allows airspace users to minimise the impact of delay in capacity constraint situations. Actually, the UDPP process solves a capacity constraint by attributing ground delays based on airspace user preferences. During the...

Validating Probabilistic Network Traffic Forecast

Traffic demand prediction is key to enable all network users to act and react to traffic imbalances. To improve traffic prediction, a probabilistic approach has been developed where flights are applied probabilities to be still counted in the sectors or not in the...

Bringing together ATM experts to share & learn – BADA Community

Becoming a BADA user means joining a close-knit community of operational experts and researchers from across the entire industry, from air navigation service providers to aircraft manufacturers and R&D bodies. Each year, you’ll be invited to take part in the BADA User...
Redesigning the airspace of NAV Portugal.

Implementing an additional airport / Redesigning airspace to increase flight capacity – LISBON

While demand for flights increased each year, there was limited scope to expand Lisbon’s main airport. NAV Portugal therefore requested our assistance to safely implement a second airport. Maximising airport capacity To convert an existing adjacent military airport...

Improving airspace design and network – FABEC CWEST

FABEC CWEST approached us for assistance in validating improvements to their airspace design network in a very dense and complex core area. Careful planning and preparation Together, we needed to determine whether the FABEC CBAL/CW STEP 2 solution was workable for...

Assessing the impact of RPAS integration with IFR operations – SESAR PJ10 PROJECT

In the context of the SESAR PJ10 project and in close collaboration with RPAS domain experts, we wanted to assess the impact of RPAS flight on civilian traffic and the work of the air traffic controllers, when fully integrated with IFR operations. Specific flight...

Implementing a new airport – Istanbul

DHMI Turkey asked us to help validate the implementation of a new airport serving Istanbul from 2018. During the first phase, two parallel runways will have a capacity of 40 arrivals and 40 departures per hour – and by the final phase, 6 runways will carry 150 million...

Implementing Free Routes – AVINOR

AVINOR asked us to confirm their readiness to implement FRA (Free Route Airspace) in Norway in compliance with requirements defined with NEFAB (North European Functional Airspace Block) and NEFRA (North European Free Route Airspace Programme). Replicating different...

Implementing Free Routes – DANUBE FAB

Danube Fab asked us to help determine whether the same levels of safety and performance could be maintained when extending Free Routes from night-time to 24-hour implementation in the Danube Fab airspace. Combining skills, experience and expertise Bringing together 22...

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Our solutions

INNOVE: Full-fledged ATFM real-time simulator

INNOVE is an air traffic flow management real-time simulator for the validation of Network Management solutions at E-OCVM V2 maturity level. INNOVE is built on off-the-shelf software technologies. Multiple actors in a simulation (e.g. Flow Managers, Airspace Users,...

Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP)

The Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP) is a copy of the Network Manager operational system that can be used for airspace and flow management research purposes. This is the perfect validation tool to test the evaluation of new operational and technical...

Highly-qualified teams to assist and guide you

Our people are one of the greatest assets in delivering customised ATM validation solutions and services. At the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre, a dedicated team has been working tirelessly to meet and exceed customer expectations for over 50 years. To achieve the...