Provision of realistic ATC, airport and flow management systems for simulations and training

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Access best-in-class solutions to realistically model any ATC system

Do you want to carry out an airport or airspace simulation at your R&D centre? Do you need to train your air traffic controllers in techniques like Time-Based Separation?

Whatever kind of simulation you need to carry out, EUROCONTROL can provide you with solutions adapted to your training, validation and research needs. Drawing on over 50 years of experience in designing, developing and operating advanced ATC and Tower simulators, we have built two world-class platforms: ESCAPE for real-time en-route and approach ATC simulations; eDEP, a light-weight simulator for rapid prototyping that is a key component in our advanced Integrated Tower Working Position.

Together, we can build an ATC/Tower simulator or training system based on your requirements and further customised with plug-ins for a full-scale simulation environment.

A powerful real-time ATM platform to validate any scenario at any scale

With the affordable, SESAR-compliant ESCAPE platform, you can replicate any ATC system to validate any ATM concept. Provided free of charge (software only – with an administration fee) for EUROCONTROL member states, the solution has a modular design that enables a wide range of capabilities including CPDLC, high-fidelity aircraft performance, datalink and powerful HMI tool kit.

Lightweight platform ideal for research and rapid-prototyping

Our low-cost, lightweight ATM simulator, eDEP, is the perfect environment for your research, advanced concept projects and rapid prototyping. eDEP features all essential Tower and ATC functionalities and easily integrates more advanced features. The key component in our ITWP, it is also used by ANSPs, industrial partners and research institutes.

Expert support to get more from your simulators

All of our simulators can be adapted to your specific needs. You will also benefit from personalised support with installation and upgrades – either at our research centre in the Paris region or directly at your site. As a member of our user community, you can share best practises and suggest improvements during bi-annual meetings.

More information about our simulators? Details about the costs and customisation options? Contact us today.

Our solutions

INNOVE: Full-fledged ATFM real-time simulator

INNOVE: Full-fledged ATFM real-time simulator

INNOVE is an air traffic flow management real-time simulator for the validation of Network Management solutions at E-OCVM V2 maturity level. INNOVE is built on off-the-shelf software technologies. Multiple actors in a simulation (e.g. Flow Managers, Airspace Users,...

Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP)

Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP)

The Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP) is a copy of the Network Manager operational system that can be used for airspace and flow management research purposes. This is the perfect validation tool to test the evaluation of new operational and technical...

Highly-qualified teams to assist and guide you

Highly-qualified teams to assist and guide you

Our people are one of the greatest assets in delivering customised ATM validation solutions and services. At the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre, a dedicated team has been working tirelessly to meet and exceed customer expectations for over 50 years. To achieve the...