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Have all your ATM concepts validated by a neutral industry expert

Do you want to introduce Free Routes to improve network horizontal flight efficiency? Are you thinking of opting for Time-Based Separation to reduce network delays through an increase in capacity? Whatever change you are hoping to implement, it is vital to analyse the benefits and guarantee maximum safety to build a powerful business case.

With extensive support, resources and expertise from a non-profit specialist like EUROCONTROL, you can validate any concept using realistic simulations to obtain hard data. Our experienced multidisciplinary team will provide a comprehensive case-based report to demonstrate the feasibility of your project and offer recommendations for optimisation.

With us you benefit from a flexible solution compatible with any concept

Validate any ATM concept, system or airspace at any scale – whether existing or future – with simulations adapted to your needs. Our tailored approach allows us to measure the most relevant key performance indicators, including human factors. You can choose to come to our state-of-the-art facilities near Paris or, alternatively, we can come to your facilities.

Highly accurate results using real-life scenarios

Replicate your own ATC system and authentic conditions (air traffic, aircraft type, weather etc.) to build credible scenarios involving real ATCOs and professional airline pilots. Using the comprehensive data obtained from these realistic simulations, together we will analyse the key potential benefits and build the most suitable validation approach.

Convince key stakeholders that your project is the right one

Persuade your management, investors or board to support your project with a comprehensive data‑based report compiled by industry experts in line with the E-OCVM. This is the ideal opportunity to promote your concept and raise awareness, e.g. by organising an open day for stakeholders during the simulation period.

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More information about how to validate your ATM concept? Details about customising our simulations? Contact us directly.

Our solutions

INNOVE: Full-fledged ATFM real-time simulator

INNOVE: Full-fledged ATFM real-time simulator

INNOVE is an air traffic flow management real-time simulator for the validation of Network Management solutions at E-OCVM V2 maturity level. INNOVE is built on off-the-shelf software technologies. Multiple actors in a simulation (e.g. Flow Managers, Airspace Users,...

Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP)

Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP)

The Network Manager Validation Platform (NMVP) is a copy of the Network Manager operational system that can be used for airspace and flow management research purposes. This is the perfect validation tool to test the evaluation of new operational and technical...

Highly-qualified teams to assist and guide you

Highly-qualified teams to assist and guide you

Our people are one of the greatest assets in delivering customised ATM validation solutions and services. At the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre, a dedicated team has been working tirelessly to meet and exceed customer expectations for over 50 years. To achieve the...