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Realistically model the performance of any aircraft

Your ATM research and development activities require modelling and simulation tools capable of replicating real-life operations and aircraft performances as realistically as possible. This is why EUROCONTROL has spent decades building the most comprehensive and accurate Aircraft Performance Model in the world.

Perfecting our advanced skills in aircraft performance modelling and working closely with aircraft manufacturers and operating airlines, EUROCONTROL built BADA (Base of Aircraft Data), which provides theoretical model specifications and related specific datasets to accurately stimulate the behaviour of any aircraft.

Replicate the performance of any aircraft for any kind of simulation

Based on the best available aircraft performance reference data, BADA enables you to realistically reproduce the geometric, kinematic and kinetic aspects of your aircraft’s behaviour over the entire operation flight envelope and in all phases of flight. With BADA 3, you can access model specifications for nearly 100% of aircraft types in the ECAC area. And, if you need highly precise data for modelling and simulating advanced systems and future concepts, BADA 4 currently covers 80% of aircraft types.

​Leaders in aviation

Used internally at EUROCONTROL, BADA is also provided to the international aviation community, a large user community comprising research institutions, universities and ANSPs, as well as ATM suppliers.

The use of BADA is regulated through a license agreement which stipulates the terms and conditions of use based on the contractual constraints EUROCONTROL is committed to with its data providers. The provision of access is subject to EUROCONTROL’s approval.

BADA is the international reference for aircraft performance modelling for the purposes of trajectory prediction and simulation.

At a glance

licensed users

Aircraft types covered

Access levels

We have several levels of access to BADA.

Today’s standard for aircraft performance modelling which provides coverage close to 100% of aircraft types in the ECAC area. Its objectives are to model accurately aircraft behaviour over the nominal part of the flight envelope and to meet today’s requirements for aircraft performance modelling and simulation.

A newly developed model family covers 70% of aircraft types in the ECAC area. It provides increased levels of precision in aircraft performances parameters over the entire flight envelope to enable modelling and simulation of advanced systems and future concepts.

An extension of the BADA Aircraft Performance Model in order to provide modelling and trajectory calculation capabilities for helicopter aircraft types.

These tools are not developed by EUROCONTROL, but other companies who have obtained permission from EUROCONTROL to integrate BADA in their Tools. Acquisition of these Tools require prior EUROCONTROL permission and a licence agreement for BADA. By completing one of the associated request forms, you are requesting this permission. If approved, the Tool provider will be notified and act accordingly  with the tool deployment process. Note that by this licence you will not obtain direct access to the BADA data files. The Tool will be provided to you by the Tool developer/owner.

For more information, be sure to consult our terms of service.

Access procedure

In order to request a BADA licence, you must:

  1. OneSky Online account
    Register to EUROCONTROL’s OneSky Online – your secure path to may of EUROCONTROL’s online tools and dashboards, including BADA.
  2. Log in and access the BADA User Interface
    Once you have created an account, log in to OneSky Online and you will find the ‘BADA User Interface’ in the list of tools you are given access to – click on it to request a license.

NOTE: The creation and authentication of your account and its synchronisation with the BADA User Interface may take up-to 30 min.

Get started

To start the process, go to OneSky Online and register, or log in.

Questions about BADA? Contact us to find out more.

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