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Becoming a BADA user means joining a close-knit community of operational experts and researchers from across the entire industry, from air navigation service providers to aircraft manufacturers and R&D bodies.
Each year, you’ll be invited to take part in the BADA User Conference, an unprecedented forum for learning, exchanging and networking with like-minded ATM specialists from around the globe.

More than just conferences, the interactive workshops are devoted to discussing technical aspects of BADA, making the model more user-friendly and generating synergies with fellow aviation professionals – with plenty of time for participants to present their projects and innovations.

Open to licensed members, as well as other industry experts, this pioneering event defines the future of aircraft performance modelling, while fostering close inter-professional connections and generating immense personal and professional satisfaction.

From Brétigny to Maastricht, Washington, Prestwick and… Singapore? The world is not enough!

“The BADA conference provides users with a way to interact directly with other professionals who use the BADA tools. This interaction is not just through the presentations and question-and-answer sessions of the conference, but also at breakout working groups where participants can directly engage with other people working on the same types of aviation issue. In addition to interactions with the other users, the developers of BADA are available for discussion on any technical or policy topic related to the BADA tools. BADA has become an integral part of the FAA’s aviation environmental tools in part because of the openness of the developers to working with the users, as exemplified by the BADA conferences.”

David Senzig
Electronics Engineer, U.S. Department of Transportation, USA

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BADA User Conferences

16-17 February 2005

EEC Brétigny

2-3 April 2008

EEC Brétigny

5-6 May 2009

EEC Brétigny

3-4 May 2010

EEC Brétigny

12 May 2011

EEC Brétigny

15 May 2012

EEC Brétigny

5 June 2013

EEC Brétigny

27 May 2014


9-10 September 2015

Washington DC, USA

17-18 May 2017

Prestwick, UK

User Conference 2018: Cornwall, ON, Canada

“Bigger and BADA” than ever before!

In order to facilitate the meeting of aviation simulation, modelling and trajectory prediction experts, the BADA team organises an Annual Conference, this year hosted by NAV CANADA in their training institute and conference centre in Cornwall, Ontario on 17 and 18 October.

Representatives from 25 organisations including research and development bodies, universities, ANSPs and ATM suppliers, aircraft manufacturers, and the traffic management support industry flew in from all over the globe to present on a range of topics and participate in numerous thematic workshops such as:

  • Recent developments in BADA (such as a theoretical overview of the new helicopter model and the status of BADA families 3 & 4);
  • Brainstorms regarding data issues so that participants could discuss what could be done with Big Data/Machine Learning techniques;
  • Facilitation sessions with objectives to identify users requirements for future developments, and to use them to make sure the development strategy is in line with user needs;
  • Exchanges over topics such as modelling the environmental impact of aviation, innovative approaches in aircraft performance modelling and a lively Q&A.

Among the presenters were EUROCONTROL’s own Angela Nuic, Vincent Mouillet, Carol Sheehan, Leslie Recape, Burkhart von Erlach, Sophie Gillet, Thibaud Hadey as well as colleagues from Japanese Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI), the US Department of Transportation Volpe Center,  Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Virginia Tech, Airbus Airline Sciences, Istanbul Technical University, Aerospace Research Center, DLR, GfL/ TU Dresden, Flightkeys, Mosaic ATM,  and The College of Wooster.

User Conference 2017: Prestwick, 17-18th May

Developing BADA as a critical enabler for the future

Hosted by NATS Prestwick, the 2017 BADA Conference attracted a wide array of ATM stakeholders from all over the world to further develop BADA as a critical enabler for the simulations and ATC operational systems of the future:

  • Discuss how to make BADA’s theoretical model more user-friendly
  • Exchange with other BADA users to improve consistency
  • Develop a legal framework and new registration process for BADA licences
  • Discuss recent developments in BADA model theory e.g. ATM R&D, ATC operational applications and environmental assessments
  • Explore the use of BADA in airborne applications to support pilot decision-making tools
The event, once again, demonstrated that BADA is much more than just an aircraft performance model: it’s a partnership in practice that draws on synergies between users, aircraft manufacturers and EUROCONTROL.

“I was pleased to see such a diversity of backgrounds and expertise at the conference and I believe everybody took advantage of the opportunity to interact and share ideas. As a trajectory expert, it is always really useful for me to hear what sort of work is going on elsewhere in the world, especially in the development of operational FDP systems.”

Andy Jennings
Systems Engineer, NATS, UK

“I found this conference very enjoyable. Every presentation and participant was related to my research interests. Also, I have spent my entire thesis working with BADA so it was pleasant to meet the BADA architects in person. I have been working on optimization algorithms/problems lately, but this conference gave me motivation and ideas for future works on trajectory prediction.”

Dr. Richard Alligier
Assistant Professor, Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), France

“BADA User Group is a unique platform to get in touch with users and developers of BADA. It allows us to exchange and discuss experiences using the software and to be an active part of the next steps of BADA development.”

Sebastian Hentrich
Airside and Terminal Management, Corporate Safety and Security, Capacity Management, Fraport AG, Germany

User Conference 2015: Washington DC, 9-10th September

Celebrating 10 years of fruitful collaboration

In 2015, we celebrated the 10 th anniversary of the BADA User Group – 10 years of sharing, learning and improvement. Given the group’s growing international appeal, we willingly accepted FAA and Boeing’s offer of hosting the annual conference at Boeing’s impressive new facilities in Washington.

The event attracted 60+ key ATM players with representatives from the FAA, NAV CANADA, Airservices Australia, DSNA, NATS, DLR, MITRE, NASA Ames Research Center, ENRI (Electronic Navigation Research Institute Japan), Lockheed Martin (Leidos), Metron Aviation, Jeppesen, Boeing, Embraer and U.S. Department of Transportation.

Participants jetted in from across the world – Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, UK, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Like every year, the 2-day conference focused on discussing user-friendly technical improvements, deepening our theoretical understanding and fostering inter-industry cooperation. This year, participants also enjoyed:

  • Extended time for BADA users to present their research
  • Practical aircraft modelling exercise: “The Paper Plane Challenge”
  • Delicious BADA birthday cake during the group dinner
  • & much more!

“It was an honour and a pleasure for Boeing to host the BADA Users Conference. Boeing has supported BADA for over 10 years and this event was very special for us. The global BADA family met outside of Europe for the first time and I believe the Conference was truly memorable. The atmosphere was electric, the sharing of knowledge enriching and the interactions among the attendees open, constructive and fruitful.”

Miguel Vilplana
Manager Airspace and Operational Efficiency – Europe, Boeing Research & Technology – Europe, Spain

“Many thanks to you and your staff! The feedback I heard about the Users Conference was extremely positive and collegial. Congratulations! You should be very proud of this successful event.”

Ralph Iovinelli
Manager, Emissions Division, Office of Environment and Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, USA

“A big thank you to you and your team. It was a great event and I got much more out of it than I had hoped. The presentations were of high quality, and it was especially good to network with the other users. I would support this format into the future, and possibly it could even be a three-day event if there were enough user presentations.”

Dr. Jesper Bronsvoort
Network Strategy & Development Manager, Airservices Australia

“It was great to see the developments of BADA and see how others are using the data around the world which has certainly helped me think about what else we might be able to do with the data in NATS!”

Chris Nutt
Senior Research Analyst, NATS Analytics, NATS, UK

Angela Nuić

Angela Nuić

BADA Project Manager

“During the conference, it is gratifying to see that BADA stands at the heart of a cooperative network that brings together aviation industry players, air traffic management operators and R&D entities. Thanks to everyone’s active involvement, BADA is constantly evolving to fulfill and anticipate user requirements. Each year, we enthusiastically prepare two days packed with interesting and relevant information about BADA and its applications.”

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