Assessing the impact of RPAS integration with IFR operations – SESAR PJ10 PROJECT

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In the context of the SESAR PJ10 project and in close collaboration with RPAS domain experts, we wanted to assess the impact of RPAS flight on civilian traffic and the work of the air traffic controllers, when fully integrated with IFR operations.

Specific flight performance and procedures

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems such as drones display different flight performance (e.g. slower), as well as delays in communications. Therefore, RPAS-specific procedures (if something goes wrong and in conditions such as very strong wind) need to be assessed.

Adapting our tools to future uses

To realistically replicate the flight of RPAS, we firstly created specific aircraft models in BADA and adapted our ESCAPE Platform to simulate communication latency. Based on 4 scenarios covering different latencies, models and weather conditions, we were successfully able to assess the impact of RPAS. These exercises have opened the path for future studies to better understand the growing impact of RPAS on ATM.

BADA includes dedicated models for several RPAS types from various categories: HALE (e.g. Global Hawk), MALE (e.g. Reaper) and LALE. Additional models can be added, based on RPAS manufacturer specifications or customer requirements.

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Luca Bellesia

Luca Bellesia


“EUROCONTROL’s ESCAPE platform has proven ideal to conduct real-time simulations for PJ10-RPAS supporting studies. It is capable of simulating and assessing RPAS operations in a very realistic manner and with a large family of drones.  We look forward to continuing the SESAR 2020 RPAS-related research activities with our partners, the Italian ANSP ENAV and the Maltese ANSP MATS”

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